Exactly about Cougared Review — Must Read If You’re Thinking About Joining

Cougars! Hot, vivacious, luscious, sexually-charged hotties over 40 eagerly seeking satisfaction that is sexual. Imagine a hookup web web site that has been 100 % able to utilize and therefore guaranteed you a good amount of contacts with one of these forms of Cougars. That might be one hell of a discover. Cougared is a website that encourages itself precisely along those lines. Yes, it seems too good to be real. Nevertheless, we should find down — then for you, our lonely, sex-starved, cougar-hungry readers if not for us. Let me reveal our Cougared that is in-depth review.

We love to give consideration to ourselves amply trained into the means of the internet industry that is dating. We reveal ourselves to more dating and hookup sites in one single than most people do in a lifetime year. However, you can still find occasions when we encounter a website which makes us stay in utter silence once we consider that which we simply witnessed. It’s this that occurred to us as soon as we looked at a cougar concentrated hookup web site called Cougared.

Centered on just exactly how it describes itself — 100 % free, no concealed expenses, etc. — the thing that is first passes through the mind is, “what do I need certainly to lose?” It had been with that mind-set that people got our review process underway.

— First Impression —

Hookup web web site, dating internet site —any kind of internet-based site or application for that matter — relies heavily on its artistic visual to entice users. This does not imply that to ensure that a website to achieve success it should be a visual masterpiece, but it should have a thing that inspires, coaxes or reassures. Our look that is first at nearly had us shutting our browsers before we also got started.

Cougared’s page that is welcome like a bit of internet history become more active. In the event that you keep in mind just exactly what a site built to market a http://datingmentor.org/bolivian-chat-rooms/ regional plumbing work solution circa the belated 90s/early 2000s looked like, that’s what Cougared appears like. From the navigation tabs to its goldenrod encouraged scheme that is color to its not enough responsive design for appropriate mobile rendering — Cougared reeks of a age when “Friendster” had been a big deal instead of “Tinder.” The only evidence that it really is designed for use today could be the “copyright 2017” that appears in its footer.

If we are increasingly being too discreet, let us clarify — Cougared seriously underwhelmed us using its look.

— Forget Appearances, Exactly What About Functionality? —

True, you can find internet sites for which functionality trumps aesthetics. Otherwise, just just how could we give an explanation for success of Twitter, right? Okay, therefore let’s give Cougared a pass on its antiquated look. Unfortuitously, once you will get past its look, you might be then confronted with what exactly is simply shoddy and grossly negligent product sales copy on its primary web page. It literally touts so it have not millions, perhaps perhaps perhaps not hundreds of thousands, not really tens of thousands — no, sir. Cougared is proud to announce towards the global globe so it has “thousands” of users. Hell, certainly one of our editor’s kitties has more supporters on YouTube than that — and that pet is dead for more than 5 years! Bragging about “thousands” of people ‘around the planet” is bad salesmanship. However, we have been right right here to review functionality, maybe perhaps not tactics that are promotional.

Okay, and so the web web site appears like final week’s dog crap and it also does a job that is poor offering it self. Let’s press ahead and progress to its features. Well, Cougared provides an internet search engine. If perhaps you were anticipating a longer list, sorry. The site offers that’s the only feature. If you’d like a contemporary swiping choice — nope. If perhaps you were thinking about video chat — nuh-uh. If you should be bashful and would like to do your share of cougar interaction via winks — you’re outta fortune, guy.

Since search is all that Cougared provides, you’ll assume so it should be some search engine that is kick-ass. Once again, which is not the way it is. There are few options that are filtering conducting a search. This means that each and every time you are served with long lists of user profiles —many not from your area that you conduct a search.

You may state, “who cares, so long me a cougar. as I will get” Your argument may possess some merit in the event that cougar pages on Cougared had been to possess value. Regrettably, they just do not. Our testers combed through a huge selection of pages on Cougared and over 95 % contains hollow pages (no images, etc) or had been inactive.

— Therefore, Just Exactly What Provides with Cougared? —

To start with, Cougared allows you to feel like you wandered into a ghost town that is online. Why even bother keeping it on the internet and protect the expense included if it charges absolutely absolutely nothing and will be offering no user value that is practical?

The solution is available if you take a better glance at its enrollment procedure. Befitting a website such as for instance Cougared, it needs small of those wanting to register with be an user. The thing that is mandatory is a legitimate email.

Cougared delivers a verification e-mail to that particular address containing a verification website website link you have to click to validate the new account. You know the drill if you have joined other dating sites before. This is as close to an instantaneous process as possible — on Cougared it seems to lag, almost as if by purpose while on other sites.

You are served with a screen that states that your registration is pending when you check back on the site. Then it gives you recommended links you wait. that one could visit “while” All among these links participate in intercourse cam web web sites, other sites that are dating etc. — them all needing some kind of re payment.

Also once you get your verification e-mail — which for the testers ranged from 15 to 45 mins —when you will be logged inside you are continuously being served ads to many other compensated websites. Give us a call cynical, but possibly the whole function for Cougared’s presence is certainly not to effect a result of hot and sweaty sexually-charged encounters between cougars and teenagers. Maybe — just maybe — Cougared acts entirely as a portal to redirect one to other sites from where Cougared’s operator derives a payment. We realize, we must bite our tongues for convinced that such a plain thing is achievable, but exactly just how else could you explain Cougared’s presence?

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